Award Evening

Brandon, 25, a graduate of the programme, was crowned Paint Technician of the Year for the Bodyshop magazine awards, while MCH was also recognised as one of the top three bodyshops.

MCH was established in 1997 by Managing Director Ashley Bernstein, who is rightly proud of the acknowledgement of his team and Brandon.

Ashley said: “Brandon really is the nicest person you could meet and he is a credit to the company. His attitude, professionalism for someone of a young age is impressive. He just wants to learn all the time. He just wants to be the best that he can be.

“He has a great rapport with his colleagues and is an excellent paint technician and  deserves to be recognised.”

Brandon completed his apprenticeship some three years ago, having first come to MCH for work experience and is now on his way to qualifying to become a master technician. Ashley praised the input from the VWG apprenticeship programme that has supported his progress as well as the help from his colleagues in the  Treatment Area/ Shop Floor 

Ashley states: “The programme has been invaluable to Brandon’s upward career trajectory and his workshop colleagues are always ready with help and advice. The programme is very detailed and it is our intention to use it again when the need arises for employee and apprentice.

“He is a first-class paint technician. We believe in the importance of investing in people and Brandon’s success is just one example of the fruit of that approach.

“We entered the Bodyshop magazine awards because it’s vitally important that hard work, excellent treatment of staff and high standard of repairs is recognised. The judges gave MCH high praise in their comments about the business and employees and I am really proud of this achievement.”