Have you ever had a small bump

Have you ever had a small bump and decided to either leave the damage on your vehicle for the time being or try and find the cheapest quote to get your vehicle repaired? Well, think again.

When you travelling on the roads the vehicle you are in has passed rigorous safety checks to ensure that it offers you maximum safety in the event of a collision. Taking a chance with cheap repairs or ignoring damage altogether is a huge risk and you are putting yourselves and your passengers at risk.

The smallest of bumps can cause damage, which may not be seen cosmetically, but it only takes a small force to potentially knock your wheels out of alignment or damage your suspension. Even a small bump to any of your vehicle panels could severely damage them and if you were to have another collision involving the broken panel it could potentially fail to offer the safety it would normally do without the damage.

We recommend you always use a manufacture approved repair centre and also use accident repair centres that have the BSiKitemark accreditation. At Merseyside Car Hospital we have both of these and understand the amount of effort that goes into ensuring repairs are completed to the highest of standards and our work is constantly audited to guarantee your safety.